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Sublime with Lime is a responsible health bakery that transforms unhealthy comfort food into sublime bites of nourishment.

Sublime was founded in 2019 by Denise Robertson – journalism graduate, writer, entrepreneur, health enthusiast & baker. Denise embarked on a health journey in Bali, Indonesia where the healing qualities of nutrient-dense plant-based foods transformed her body & mind into what “traditional South African food” (rys, vleis, brood & aartappels) could never accomplish.

Sublime with Lime’s philosophy is all about strengthening South Africans’ perspective about what holistic health truly entails and making plant-based & nourishing comfort foods available & accessible to all.

Sublime with Lime products are therefore directed towards satisfying people’s cravings with delicious taste & textures without harming their bodies in the process. This means that the ingredients sourced & used within Sublime products are of excellent quality with regards to the nutrient-density thereof and how natural & wholesome it is – hence absolutely guilt-free!

All of our ingredients are consistently researched by a registered healthcare dietitian, which ensures that we not only choose our ingredients based on preference, but each product’s recipe is formulated in a scientific & evidence-based manner. (You can read all about each respective product’s science when you shop right here on our website.)

We walk the extra mile so that you can be assured of optimum quality, health benefits, nutritional value, ethical methodology, convenience, excellent service and yummy-nummy nourishing foods to enjoy on a daily basis.

We cater for customers with specific dietary requirements, allergies, intolerances, chronic illnesses and customers who just plainly desire a healthy functioning body to empower their everyday living.

All of our products are comfort food household staples & on-the-go eats & treats free from wheat, gluten, dairy & refined sugars. We also focus on vegan & diabetic-friendly products, as well as low FODMAP products for customers struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Besides our products that assist people in living wholesome lives – we focus on educating & empowering our customers with valuable information so that these wholesome lives can be lived sustainably.

Follow us on our social pages, subscribe to our email newsletter or just be on the lookout for health educative campaigns, podcasts, videos, workshops or tips & tricks that we share for your convenience to optimise your health & wellbeing.

Our number one goal is to treat your body like a temple – a sacred sanctuary which deserves to be looked after.

Lots of love & health
Denise & the Sublime Team

meet our team

Denise Robertson

Owner & Founder

Anelia Fleetwood

Accounts & Operational Manager

Leanna Roman

Baker & Packager

Candis Prins

Baker & Packager

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